Devin LeMahieu and Robin Vos to Headline Luncheon on November 22: The Madison Club 
November 19, 2022

Tamira Musgrave


The Madison Club is hosting a meeting with Wisconsin’s top GOP Legislative Leaders, including Devin LeMahieu and Robin Vos, on Tuesday, November 22. Senate Majority Leader LeMahieu and Assembly Speaker Vos will discuss the current state of affairs in the badger state. 

Check-in begins at 11:30 a.m., and the program will begin at noon and last until about 1:00 p.m. Subscribers of, and members of The Madison Club will enjoy discounted pricing at just $21.50 per person (plus tax and other fees.) The price for the general public is $28 per person. 


The Madison Club is passionate about helping individuals connect in various settings, whether a corporate party, private wedding or special event. In addition, the club serves excellent food and beverages as they partner with local farmers and purveyors. The Madison Club always ensures guests and members are taken care of at all times and are experts in doing what they do and knowing what matters most to their members. 

They welcome members who will revel in our old traditions and introduce a few new ones. Guests can ignore the stigmas of a social club and experience something unique and refreshing at the Madison Club.


UPDATE: Online sales for this event have ended. If you still want to attend, please call the Madison Club’s front desk at 608-255-4861.


The Madison Club 5 E. Wilson Street Madison, WI 5370

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