Jones for Judge: Who is Russell Jones? Washington County, WI
December 22, 2022

Tamira Musgrave



  • Conservative Russell Jones is running for Washington County Circuit Court Judge.
  • Jones has represented clients in criminal law, civil litigation, family law, estate planning, and probate disputes.
  • Hopes to restore faith in the justice system and ensure reliable judges can handle critical decisions quickly and effectively. 
  • Russell takes an even-handed, equal, conservative, and fair approach concerning his judicial duties. 
  • Knows the importance of timely access to the legal process and preserving community resources. 
  • 20 years of real-world experience, conducted 250+ jury trials and has more than 1500 clients.

Russ started his legal career with an insurance defense firm in Hartford, WI, handling cases for various industry clients. After founding Jones Law Firm LLC in 2008, he now represents clients in criminal law, civil litigation, family law, estate planning, and probate disputes. Today, Jones is running for Washington County Circuit Court Judge. Jones is originally from Canada but became a US citizen in 2015 and now holds dual citizenship.

Russell firmly believes that circuit court judges hold one of the most important positions in local government. Decisions being made in Washington County touch many and can produce long-term effects and consequences. These decisions must be handled with care and addressed correctly from the start, which is why the justice system needs fewer activist judges. The law should always be applied equally to everyone; the two-tiered justice system is not working.

Washington County doesn’t need unpredictability and instability when we’re talking about enforcing the law; we need safety, secureness, and predictability in our courts. Washington County needs judges who will stand up for their community, enforce the law, and uphold the Constitution.

Restoring faith in the justice system and our courts is the ultimate goal. Jones wants to ensure Wisconsin is equipped with experienced judges who not only give back to the community but who are also capable of transforming how the judiciary interacts and communicates with the public.

Russell takes an even-handed, equitable, conservative approach regarding his judicial duties. He will apply the law through a constitutional framework and rule on cases in an unbiased, transparent manner. Russell Jones knows exactly what it takes to achieve timely access to the legal process and how to preserve community resources. He also knows that restoring faith in the justice system lies in the hands of dependable, reliable, and principled judges.


Not only does Russell Jones have 20 years of real-world experience, but he has overseen 250+ jury trials. He has obtained more than 1500 clients through his unwavering dedication to preserving the law and ideals of justice.

  • Over 20 years, Russell Jones has established a reputation as a zealous and professional advocate. 
  • He has litigated several hundred Wisconsin cases in state and Federal courts.
  • Russell has conducted oral arguments before the 7th Circuit of the US Court of Appeals.


  • 2010 Rising Star 
  • 2015 Advocates Prize
  • 2018 Advocates Prize
  • 2019 Best of Milwaukee
  • 2020 Best of Milwaukee
  • 2020 Leader in the Law
  • 2021 Best of Milwaukee
  • 2021 Top 100 Criminal Defense 

Professionals Licenses and Memberships:

  • State Bar of Wisconsin 2002 to present
  • Eastern District of Wisconsin 2002 to present
  • Western District of Wisconsin 2002 to present
  • Seventh Circuit of the United States 2004 to present
  • CJA Panel of Eastern and Western District of Wisconsin 2009 to present

See more about his experience and skills here.


Lake Country Tribune reached out to Mr. Jones for a quick Q&A; here’s what Russ had to say:

  • What do you think the justice system requires to restore faith in our courts?
    • I believe activist judges create instability given that it results in unpredictable outcomes, while following the Rule of Law offers safety, predictability, and stability in the courts and community.  We must also get rid of the two-tiered justice system and ensure that laws are applied equally to everyone. 
  • How do you plan to defend the law and ideals of justice? 
    • As a judicial conservative, I believe that judges should respect the separation of powers and reject judicial activism.  Many times liberal judges will use the bench to push a legislative agenda which unfortunately puts the community, often those who are the most vulnerable, at risk.  As your judge, I will stand with the Rule of Law, respect the Constitution, and protect the community from those who wish to harm it.
  • How are you involved with the Washington County community?
    • My family has deep roots in the area, and we immerse ourselves in the community through participation and serving the community.  I am a member of the local bar association and West-Bead Barton Sportsman Club, we frequent local businesses and are highly engaged in the local political culture.  
  • What do you vow to the people of Washington County? 
    • I vow to defend the rule of law and the ideals of justice.  I will stand up to liberal judicial activists who seek to use the judiciary for their political gain.  I will protect the community, enforce our laws, and abide by the constitution.

Jones for Judge: Get Involved

Spread the word about Jones for Judge! You can volunteer to get involved with his campaign here. There are plenty of ways to help out, including knocking on doors, making phone calls, delivering yard signs, and hosting events, or if you’ve got a unique idea in mind, you can do that too.

Join Russ for a cocktail reception hosted at MJ Stevens Pub & Restaurant. The meet and greet will be held on January 12, 2023, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. The event address is 5620 Aurora Road, Hartford, WI 53027. Learn more about this event here.

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