Governor Evers Declared A Statewide Energy Emergency, Plus Tips to Keep Your Home Warm All Winter Long
December 22, 2022

Tamira Musgrave



  • Evers has declared an energy emergency in Wisconsin due to limited fuel deliveries. A winter storm is moving across the midwest and will likely make liquid fuel deliveries more scarce.
  • Wisconsin is bracing for potential power outages. Strong winds, snow, and significant temperature drops could leave residents of the badger state without heat.
  • Despite the possibility of delayed fuel deliveries and power outages, there are still a few ways to keep your home warm during winter without needing fuel.

Governor Tony Evers has declared an energy emergency in Wisconsin due to limited fuel deliveries. The fuel shortage results from a winter storm moving across the midwest. The Evers administration says the harsh, freezing temperatures, along with snow and blizzards, will make deliveries of liquid fuel for home heating by truck, rail, and barge challenging. 

Wisconsin is bracing for potential power outages. Strong winds and snow could leave residents of the badger state without heat, as temperatures will drop dramatically. 

Evers stated about the statewide energy emergency, “Over the past days and weeks, Wisconsinites across the state have braced snow and ice storms, with more the next couple of days, combined with high winds and extremely cold temperatures. The health, welfare, and safety of our neighbors depend on access to fuel for home heating.” He added, “Getting liquid fuel products moving now to those who need it and making it as easy as possible for utility crews to restore power, if needed, will help our folks stay safe.”

The order will aid in streamlining energy deliveries within the state, providing a 10-day waiver from federal and state requirements for those who provide emergency response energy supplies. It will also allow fuel suppliers to catch up after weather delays more efficiently and quickly and allow out-of-state utility restoration works to arrive quicker.

Ways to Keep Your Home Warm All Winter Long

Despite the possibility of delayed fuel deliveries and power outages, there are still a few ways to keep your home warm during winter without needing fuel. Check out these tips and consider investing in a few to keep your home warm all winter, with or without energy. 

Add Thicker Rugs to Hard Floors

You can lose about 10% of the heat in your home through uninsulated floors like tile or hardwood. Investing in a few larger, thicker area rugs can help reduce heat loss and keep your feet warm. 

Insulate in Your Attic

The attic is another area of your home that can lose a lot of heat if it’s not adequately insulated, similar to floors. You can DIY it and install insulation batts yourself or hire a local attic insulation company to ensure a correct seal.

Start Using Your Fireplace/Wood-Burning Stove 

Wood-burning stoves give off intense heat, perfect for heating your home without needing fuel. You can also take advantage of your fireplace if you have one, as there’s nothing better than cozying up next to one with a hot cup of coffee. 

Don’t Forget to Use Your Flue Blocker 

If you have a fireplace, a flue blocker or chimney pillow is essential to keeping your home warm. They cut off the frosty draft that enters your home through your chimney and keeps the warm air inside where you need it to be. 

Move Furniture Away From Vents and Radiators

Is there any furniture blocking the heating vents or your radiator? This can impede air circulation, and it may take longer to warm up your house. Try switching up your furniture arrangement to optimize the warm air flow throughout your home. 

Invest in Thick Window Drapes

Did you know that thicker, heavier drapes or curtains can provide an extra layer of insulation for your windows? Take advantage of the additional protection from the frigid cold, as it can keep the window chill away. 

Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

If you have an older model, your ceiling fan most likely has a reverse switch. Warm air rises, so turning the blade clockwise during colder weather will help push the warm air down and back into your living space. 

Close Doors in Empty Rooms

If you don’t use a room particularly often, don’t waste your heat on it. Keep the door shut so you can maximize the warmth in the spaces you spend more time in. 

Consider Covering Pet Doors

It may be a bit of an inconvenience, but sealing off doggy doors in the winter can make a significant difference. You can reduce cold drafts by winterizing your pet door or sealing it. You can use silicone caulk to close air gaps and holes, add weather strips around the door frame, and add magnets to the bottom of the door, so flaps stay shut after use. 

They also make pet doors designed specifically for colder climates. Standard models with thin plastic flaps that move freely can let heat out and increase your annual heating costs by 6% or more, according to a study by Green Builder Media. Investing in a cold-climate pet door with an insulated flap, winterizing your existing pet door, or sealing it off are all legitimate ways to keep your home warmer. 

Install Door Sweeps 

Drafts often make their way through the bottom of doors; some older homes typically have gaps beneath the door, making it easy for cold air to invade your space. To prevent that, simply install a door sweep between the bottom of the door and the threshold. If you don’t wish to invest in a door sweep, you can always use a rolled-up towel or blanket as a temporary seal. 

Boil a Pot of Water

You can use boiling water to make warm beverages like coffee or tea; or to fill hot water rubber bottles to create homemade, effective blanket and body warmers. 

Stay Safe, Stay Warm

All these tips are affordable, practical, and simple ways to keep the inside of your home heated during the winter without worrying about fuel. With a statewide energy emergency order in place, it’s essential to prepare for these obstacles and take a few precautionary steps to ensure you and your family are safe and warm despite any challenges.

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