Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Shames Tim Michels for Donating to Churches and Cancer Research
August 31, 2022

Tamira Musgrave



  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and USA Today Wisconsin attacked Tim Michels this morning for donating to organizations that align with Christian values, such as WI churches, pro-life organizations, and cancer research.
  • Wisconsin voters don’t like where the Badger State is headed and are eager for a change in November. This attack on Michels may boost enthusiasm and turn out.
  • Tim Michels is not afraid to speak up for the people who are often ignored. 

Recently, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and USA Today Wisconsin decided to take a low blow at Tim Michels and his family for their many charitable donations. 

What’s particularly disturbing is that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and USA Today Wisconsin felt donations to churches, cancer research, and non-profits that help defend human life are valid reasons to ridicule and attack Michels. 

The Media Attack Against Michels

Midterms are only 10 weeks away, and it’s likely that we will be seeing more of these attacks against Republican candidates as November approaches.

Michels quickly addressed their criticism by sharing a tweet:

In their attack, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel states that Michels and his family “funded organizations that oppose all forms of contraception and abortions in all cases.”  Michels has indeed donated to pro-life groups and organizations designed to help women come to terms with the journey they are about to embark on. 

These organizations believe that every life is precious, something very common among conservatives or religious groups. They also support women who may not have a support system elsewhere. It takes a lot of courage and strength to say “no” to abortion and take on that responsibility, even when you doubt your abilities as a new mother. 

Tim Michels has also been very transparent about being opposed to abortion except in cases where the mother’s safety is at risk. This is not something he has tried to conceal or hide. 

On the other side of the spectrum, we have Gov. Tony Evers. Evers has vetoed the Shield the Vulnerable Act (Bill 593), Woman’s Right to Know Act (Bill 591), plus another bill that would ensure babies born alive after a botched abortion receive basic medical care. Evers stated in a tweet that he would do the same to any other pro-life legislation to cross his path, as he refuses to “turn back the clock” on reproductive rights. 

Bill 591 would have required abortionists to tell their patients about the abortion pill reversal procedure, a groundbreaking discovery that has already saved over 2,5000+ human lives. Tony Evers greatly opposed this, claiming that informing women of this option was “unethical” in his veto message

Bill 593 would have prohibited abortions based on race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, down syndrome, or other congenital disabilities. 

Evers is opposed to providing babies with basic medical attention and care after an attempted abortion was botched, and he is against informing a woman that she can change her mind after taking the abortion pill. Many people fail to understand the stress and pressure some women are under to have abortions. Many women are pushed to do so by partners or family members. Offering women in these challenging positions a second chance could quite literally, be life-changing. Both for the mother and the child.

Governor Evers also gave around $1.4 million to Wisconsin’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood. This pro-choice organization has been caught countless times improperly storing and disposing of remains inhumanely. There have been numerous occasions where investigative footage was leaked concerning Planned Parenthood dismembering and selling fetuses.

Michels should be able to donate to organizations that align with his values and beliefs, just as Evers has been allowed. He should be able to support and stand up for what is morally right without being harassed. 

Tim Michels and his family donate to many organizations that align well with their views, i.e. pro-life groups, Wisconsin churches, religious organizations, cancer research, etc. Donations aren’t always politically fueled, Michels has stated that he is pro-life because of his faith, and he says he simply won’t apologize for it.

A Tight Race

Democratic Party spokeswoman Hannah Mechhoff stated, “Tim Michels will stop at nothing to push his radical agenda to limit the rights of LGBTQ Wisconsinites and those seeking an abortion. If elected, Michels will implement radical policies that are out of touch with the majority of Wisconsinites.”

Judging by recent surveys and polls, Wisconsin voters have expressed that they are looking for something different this time. Voters aren’t particularly happy with the direction Evers has taken the state. Michels is gaining traction with independents as Evers loses them. Pollsters revealed that 45% of registered WI voters support Tony Evers for governor, while 42% support Tim Michels. The race for Wisconsin governor is incredibly tight. 

Since 2012, Marquette University Law School has been asking if residents believe the state is generally on track or off track. This year, they received their most pessimistic response. In April, 36% of voters responded with, “right direction,” and 56% responded with “wrong direction.” This is the highest “wrong track” number Marquette has ever recorded.

This translates to Hannah Mechhoff being off the mark about Michels policies being “out of touch” with most Wisconsinites. 

Wisconsin voters do not like the direction the Badger State is headed; they almost unanimously disapprove of Biden and are eager for a change in November. Tim Michels can offer Wisconsin that much-needed change.

In addition, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services website openly states that LGBTQ youth are at greater risk of suicide attempts, smoking, and initiation of sex at an earlier age than their non-LGBTQ peers. We also know that LGBTQ youth are more inclined to face mental health issues and abuse drugs or alcohol. Social issues are not as important as protecting our youth and keeping them healthy. 

Michels commented on Aug. 9th, after winning the primary election, “The people who feel the Democratic party has left them for social issues, you are now going to have a governor that’s going to stand up for the hard-working, tax-paying, law-abiding citizens of Wisconsin.”

Contributing to Cancer Research

The media attack also had a section dedicated to Michels donations to aid in cancer research. While many agree that donating to cancer research is a positive, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and USA Today Wisconsin beg to differ. 

The Michels family donated a significant gift, the largest ever donated to MCW Cancer Center for rare cancer research. Tim Michels’s daughter, Sophie, developed a rare brain tumor at age 11. 

Michels stated, “The whole world is looking at what’s happening right here at the medical campus in Milwaukee, the Medical College, Children’s, Froedtert… Now we will be able to take this cutting-edge research, and we will be able to focus on rare cancers as well.”

Gustavo Leone, MCW Cancer Center Director, greatly appreciated the Michels family donation. “We’re incredibly privileged to receive such a gift,” he said, adding that the donated funds will allow the center to identify the best scientists in the country and beyond, and bring them out to Milwaukee.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, on the other hand, decided to shame Michels for donating to help fund cancer research. They included this donation information in the same article that ridiculed him for contributing to churches and pro-life organizations.

The Bottom Line 

Tim Michels has donated to numerous organizations that align with Christian and conservative values and aims to positively impact Wisconsin’s communities, residents, and families.

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