Steil Launches 2nd TV Ad: “Voices”
September 30, 2022

Tamira Musgrave


On September 29, 2022, Congressman Bryan Steil released the second television ad of his 2022 campaign cycle; this ad is titled “Voices.” Earlier in September, he released his first ad, “Back the Blue.

After being sworn in at the start of 2019, Bryan Steil has helped countless residents cut through the government’s red tape. He’s worked hard to deliver real results through real action, benefiting veterans, families, seniors, and workers alike. 

He issued this statement, “In Congress, I have made it a priority to cut red tape for families, veterans, and seniors who are having difficulty working with the federal government. Whether the issue is with the VA, Social Security, IRS, or the State Department, my office is working to deliver results and help people in need. I will never stop working for Wisconsin families and workers.” 

Watch his newest 30-second TV campaign ad, “Voices,” here

The transcript for “Voices”:

D.C. is broken, but Bryan Steil is getting things done for us. 

Bryan is always here and always working for us. 

Bryan is always working for families like mine. 

Bryan Steil is always working for our seniors. 

He will always support law enforcement. 

When nobody else would help, Bryan stepped in and solved my problem. 

We need a fighter in Congress, and Bryan Steil will always fight for us. 

We need Bryan Steil in Congress. 

We need Bryan Steil in Congress. 

He will never stop working for us. 

I’m Bryan Steil, and I approve this message.

Congressman Steil on seniors, “I am fighting to protect Social Security and Medicare for our seniors and those close to retirement age. We must keep our promises made to seniors and protect these vital programs.” Steil worked tirelessly to extend the state’s SeniorCare program, and his efforts were ultimately successful. His action to address the issue helped low-income seniors by making prescription drugs more affordable for ten years. 

Congressman Steil on veterans, “Our American heroes’ service and sacrifice must never be forgotten. I will always work for our veterans, ensure they have access to the benefits they’ve earned, and work to increase access to health care and mental health resources for veterans and their families.”

You can find out more about Bryan Steils’ views and opinions on various pressing issues here.

To learn more about Congressman Bryan Steil, his plans, and his campaign, please visit

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