VA Outpatient Clinic Serving Our Veterans Opens Doors in Oconomowoc
July 5, 2024

Lake Country Tribune

The VA has announced that the Milwaukee VA Health Care System’s new outpatient clinic in Oconomowoc opened in late June after breaking ground in March, providing more accessible healthcare for Veterans in Waukesha, Dodge, Washington, and Jefferson Counties, as well as the Lake Country region.

William Lorenz, a Veteran with over 29 years of service in the Marine Corps, Navy Reserve, and Air Force Reserve, was the first patient seen. “It’s convenient,” Lorenz said in a statement provided to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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“When they called and asked if I’d be interested in transferring, I said ‘yeah. Put me down for it.’ I didn’t realize I was going to be the first patient.”

Lorenz, who lives near Lake Five in Richfield, Wisconsin, has been receiving care at the Milwaukee VA Medical Center for 16 years and praised the exceptional care he has received. He noted that the VA staff is very nice and highlighted their comprehensive approach to healthcare, focusing on prevention rather than just treating symptoms. “The staff was very nice,” Lorenz said. “The VA is more interested in looking at what can we do to prevent possible medical things or symptoms.”

Peter Wilson, a Marine Corps Veteran from Merton, Wisconsin, shared similar positive experiences with the VA. Having had medical procedures done at the Milwaukee VA Medical Center based on his primary care test results, Wilson decided to transfer his care to the new Oconomowoc VA outpatient clinic. He praised the enthusiastic staff and noted the wonderful care he has received from VA medical professionals over the years. “I would say overall, the VA medical people have just been wonderful,” Wilson said.

The new 8,500-square-foot VA outpatient clinic at 1289 Olympia Fields Drive held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on March 8. Following months of preparation, including furnishing, stocking supplies, and hiring staff, the clinic is now ready to serve patients. Program manager Micaela Hughes highlighted the benefit of providing high-quality care closer to home for veterans.

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Dr. Avery Hayes, the lead physician transitioning from the Milwaukee VA Medical Center, expressed his dedication to serving Veterans, noting his family’s military background as a motivation.

“My uncle was a Vietnam Veteran, and my grandfather was a veteran in the Army, so I feel that this is kind of my way to give back to a population that sacrificed for our country,” said Hayes.

The clinic also provides various Women’s Health services in addition to primary care, mental health, and telehealth services. There is also “a full-service lab, a social worker, and a dietician available for Veterans’ needs” according to the VA.

“Veterans interested in transferring their care to the Oconomowoc VA clinic who are already enrolled in the Milwaukee VA Health Care System can talk to their primary care provider to put in a consult for a transfer,” the announcement added.

For veterans seeking more information on the Oconomowoc VA Outpatient Clinic, you can visit their website by clicking here.

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