Opinion: WI’s Choice for Governor is Clear
October 30, 2022

Scott Walker

Scott Walker was the 45th governor of Wisconsin.

There is a clear choice in the race for Governor of Wisconsin. I am voting for Tim Michels because he has the experience and the plan to move our state forward. He has precise blueprints to get our people working again, restore public safety in our communities, and empower parents to improve their children’s education. 

Tim Michels served his country in the US Army, then came home to help build one of the most successful businesses in Wisconsin. He and his family provide thousands of people with promising paying careers. He understands how to make things work, how to train our workforce, and how to balance budgets. 

The Tim Michels Wisconsin First Economic Blueprint will make us competitive again on taxes and regulations to attract and retain talent and employers. It will work to increase American energy production to provide low-cost and reliable energy. It will help recruit veterans to join our workforce and improve internships, apprenticeships, and technical education. And it recognizes that public safety is imperative for economic development.

In contrast, Governor Tony Evers shut down the economy in our state – putting thousands of people out of work. We would have been closed for business for much longer if the state Supreme Court had not stopped his administration’s illegal overreach of powers. 

According to PolitiFact, Governor Tony Evers proposed “a net increase of over $1 billion in taxes.” Thankfully, as the fact-checkers noted about state lawmakers, “Republicans scrapped that budget and wrote their own, which ultimately included a more than $2 billion tax cut package, the largest in state history.” Governor Evers is now trying to take credit for the Republican budget he was forced to sign. Be forewarned that, if re-elected, he will likely go back to his massive tax hikes. 

The Tim Michels Back The Blue-print will fire liberal district attorneys who refuse to enforce the state’s laws, incentivize hiring more police officers, create new mandatory minimum penalties for felons possessing guns, prosecute riot organizers, and reform the bail process to protect the public. Instead of defunding the police, Tim Michels will support law enforcement’s good men and women. 

In contrast, Governor Tony Evers failed us in public safety. Even the liberal Kenosha Journal criticized him for his statements that fueled the flames of the riots in Kenosha. His weak response led to chaos and death. 

The radical policies of Governor Evers and Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes have been known for some time as they both advocate reducing the prison population by 50 percent. That would put some 10,000 convicted felons on the streets. Evers restored pardons, and his parole board has released violent criminals and rapists. 

The Tim Michels “I Trust Parents” Blueprint for Education will improve reading right away, empower parents to choose what is best for their children, protect the rights of parents to know what is going on in their kids’ schools, promote career and technical education as well as apprenticeships, secure our schools, and draw greater attention to local school board elections. 

He wants to fund students, not systems. Instead of teaching young people how to become victims, Tim Michels wants them to learn the fundamentals to pursue outstanding careers. 

In contrast, Tony Evers said he wanted to be the Education Governor, but the numbers don’t lie. During his tenure, test scores have dropped – dramatically. He sided with the teacher union bosses who kept many of our largest school districts closed for too long. The results are damning.

Black students in Milwaukee now rank last in the nation in reading. Scores show that black 4th graders in Milwaukee Public Schools are two years behind students in Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, and Houston. Historic gains made by Hispanic students while I was Governor of Wisconsin are gone. In contrast, students in Florida had no reading loss. Governor Ron DeSantis kept their schools open and supported education freedom for families. We must do better. 

Let’s face it: Tony Evers is not up to the job of Governor. He isn’t interested in doing what it takes to get Wisconsin working again, to ensure that our communities are safe, and to empower our parents to make the right choice for their children. 

Thankfully, Tim Michels has spent a lifetime preparing for this job. He is a born leader who will be ready to get Wisconsin moving forward again on Day One. I am proud to cast my vote for Tim Michels for Governor of the great state of Wisconsin!  

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