Wisconsin Voters Choose to Re-Elect Josh Kaul, Eric Toney Concedes 
November 8, 2022

Tamira Musgrave


Josh Kaul, the so-called “Top Cop” of Wisconsin, has been re-elected for another four-year term. 

Kaul’s opponent, Eric Toney, conceded in the early hours of Wednesday morning. He stated he “just didn’t see a pathway to victory, given what appears to be the limited number of votes out there.” Eric Toney was endorsed by 100+ sheriffs, district attorneys, and police chiefs. Milwaukee Police Association said that Josh Kaul “let them down” and “put safety at the bottom.” The MPA, representing 1,500 police officers, forensic investigators, and detectives in Milwaukee, also endorsed Eric Toney. 

Despite the significant loss of support from law enforcement, Kaul managed to secure another term as Wisconsin Attorney General. Toney congratulated Josh Kaul, who had a winning margin of 34,000+ votes. 

“We ran a hard-fought campaign, and with the results close to final now, it’s clear that we have won this race and that the folks in Wisconsin have voted to continue building on the progress that we have been making over the last four years and to keep the state of Wisconsin moving forward,” Kaul stated at a press conference on Wednesday. 

Prioritizing and addressing crime is more important than it has ever been. Milwaukee homicide and murder rates are at a record-breaking high and have been consistently breaking records over the past few years.

In 2020, the city surpassed a record of 174 set in 1993 with 190 homicides. In 2021, the new record was 196. This year, we have seen 198 homicides to date. 

With crime at the top of the list for many Wisconsin voters, Kaul’s re-election may not improve this situation since we have seen murder and homicide get out of hand over the past 3-4 years. We also know that both Kaul and Evers tend to side with dangerous criminals. 

Kaul defended a convicted rapist earlier this year, attempting to force a private company to employ him. The rapist, Derrick Palmer, “pushed, struck, beat, suffocated, and raped his girlfriend multiple times.” Fortunately, Kaul did not win. However, sticking his neck out for a violent criminal shows Josh Kaul’s true character. 

A staggering 85% of registered WI voters reported that they are somewhat or very concerned about crime in their state, and about 75% of voters support more funding for law enforcement. We will have to observe how the next four years play out and see if homicide numbers continue to expand or gradually improve. 

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